The Real Deal Mentorship Program

Course Cost: $23,995

Discovery Call Deposit: $95

Note: This deposit secures your opportunity to be vetted by Dr. Saqib for the course. If deemed not a suitable fit, your deposit will be promptly refunded.

Delve into a year-long mentorship program with Dr. Saqib. Join a cohort of 10-15 students and work hands-on with a live redevelopment project. Witness theory transforming into practical execution and master the intricacies of real estate development.

What This Course Offers

Intensive Mentorship Opportunity:

Embark on a transformative year-long journey where you'll join an exclusive cohort of 10-15 peers in a mentorship program led by Saqib, a seasoned expert in real estate. This opportunity includes shadowing and being mentored on a live redevelopment project valued at over $4.5 million, offering a rare glimpse into the real-world dynamics of the industry.

Exclusive Access and Personalized Guidance:
  • Direct Access to Saqib and His Teams:Enjoy one year of unlimited access to Saqib and his professional teams, ensuring direct and personalized guidance throughout your learning journey
  • Shadowing on Live Projects:Gain invaluable experience by shadowing Saqib on active redevelopment projects, observing real-time decision-making and project management.
  • Bi-weekly Coaching Sessions:Benefit from bi-weekly coaching sessions over the year with Saqib, allowing for consistent mentoring, feedback, and progress assessment.
  • Unlimited WhatsApp Access:Stay connected with Saqib via WhatsApp for instant advice, insights, and guidance throughout the year.
  • Shadowing on Live Projects:Gain invaluable experience by shadowing Saqib on active redevelopment projects, observing real-time decision-making and project management.

Technical and Theoretical Knowledge:

From market assessment to project completion, the curriculum ensures a holistic understanding of the developmental cycle.

  • Market Research and Assessment:Dive deep into market trends, feasibility studies, and investment evaluations.
  • Design and Planning:Navigate the planning phase, understanding zoning laws, blueprint drafts, and architectural considerations.
  • Stakeholder Interface:Perfect your negotiation skills, dealing with contractors, investors, and other stakeholders.
  • Construction Management:Delve into logistical planning, materials sourcing, timeline management, and quality assurance.
  • Financing:Uncover financial strategies, from sourcing capital to budget optimization and profit calculations.

Practical Knowledge & Hands-On Experience:

This course places emphasis on the tangible aspects of real estate development.

  • Real-time Decision Making:Engage in scenario-based learning, replicating actual developmental challenges.
  • Stakeholder Conversations:Get firsthand experience in managing relations, resolving conflicts, and steering project directions.
  • Travel Opportunities:Accompany Saqib to various project sites, gaining hands-on exposure to different stages of real estate development.
  • Pitch Your Own Project:Present your real estate project ideas for potential investment, applying your learning to real-world scenarios.
  • Collaborative Ventures:Team up with talented peers in the cohort to explore joint ventures, enhancing your collaborative and entrepreneurial skills.
Resource Library & Continuous Learning:
  • Video Library of Saqib’s 20 Years of Experience:Access an extensive collection of video resources encapsulating two decades of Saqib's real estate knowledge and insights.

"There's no way that I'd have got my real estate portfolio off the ground without Saqib's help. He made what I thought was difficult, very easy. The vast majority of my wealth has come about from his real estate handholding."

Madeeha Zahidi, Registered Nurse, Los Angeles

Handsomely Rewarded by Dr. Saqib's Real Estate Expertise

"Put an awful lot of trust into Saqib's real estate expertise and his character. And I've been handsomely rewarded. I definitely recommended learning from him on investing in real estate."

Hasan Sohail, Head of Systems & Operations, Chicago

Sincere, Experienced, and Impactful Mentorship from Dr. Saqib

"When Saqib mentors, he is sincere and helpful. His mentoring is not a laundry list but reflects immense experience, expertise and honesty. He's added so much to my investing and entrepreneurship."

Jenna Nicholls, UX Designer, Toronto

Thriving Real Estate Portfolio Amidst COVID with Saqib's Expert Guidance

"I am grateful for Saqib's mentorship - he's navigated my real estate investing, massively reduced market risks and helped me generate a strong return. Even during COVID, my real estate portfolio was doing very very nicely."

Muhammad, BCG Alumnus, Toronto

Million-Dollar Portfolio Built on Dr. Saqib's Strategy

"Thanks to Saqib's guidance and advice, and following his strategy, got to more than a million dollars in my real estate portfolio."

Sana Buwalda, Homemaker, Oakville

From Novice to Significant Gains with Dr. Saqib's Expertise

"I knew very little about real estate investing. But with Saqib's expertise, we have benefitted significantly from this universe."

Mahveen Sadiq, Banker, Toronto

Dive Deep into Real Estate Mastery

The Odyssey of Project Development:

Begin your journey by understanding the intricacies of how to build, develop, and deliver a multi-million dollar project. Experience the thrill and challenges of crafting something monumental.

Mastery of Deal Creation:

Dive deep into the mechanics and strategies of creating your own deal flow. Learn the art of spotting, evaluating, and seizing opportunities in the vast ocean of real estate.

Blueprint to Success:

Armed with Dr. Saqib's proven methodologies, navigate the complex realm of real estate by sourcing, securing, and selling development projects. Transform theoretical knowledge into tangible success.

How You Can Benefit From This Course

Skill Enhancement:

Whether you're starting out or seeking to deepen your knowledge, this course provides comprehensive insights to elevate your expertise to industry-leading standards.

Live Project Experience:

There's no substitute for hands-on learning. The live redevelopment project will ensure you experience real-world challenges and victories.

Networking and Collaboration:

Build lasting relationships with industry experts, stakeholders, and a cohort of like-minded peers. These connections can be invaluable as you progress in your career.

Who This Course Is For

Real Estate Enthusiasts:

Whether you're an aspiring developer, a professional looking to diversify, or someone driven by curiosity, if you have the passion, this course is your platform.

Career Changers:

If you're considering a pivot into the lucrative world of real estate, this intensive mentorship provides the insights and tools to make a successful transition.

Determined Achievers:

This course demands commitment, time, and effort. If you're driven to succeed and hungry for knowledge, Dr. Saqib awaits you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the cost of the course, and is the deposit refundable?

The course cost is $29,995, with a Discovery Call Deposit of $2,995. The deposit is refundable if you are deemed unsuitable for the course. Additionally, the course is fully refundable if you decide it’s not right for you within the first 30 days.

How can I guarantee I will benefit from this course?

Dr. Saqib has 20 years of real estate development experience and has developed 9 figures of real estate from the ground up. He has been mentoring for 15 years, assisting individuals worldwide. This course offers a unique opportunity to be mentored by a highly accomplished entrepreneur and investor who will be guiding you throughout the year.

What if I'm not very passionate about real estate?

Passion often develops over time. The main objective here is to teach you how to generate significant returns and secure your financial future.

The course seems expensive. How can I justify the cost?

This course is an amalgamation of two decades of experience from a leading entrepreneur. Coupled with potential joint ventures with fellow students, the program is structured for you to develop 7 figures of real estate by its conclusion. Consider it an investment into your future.

How is online coaching structured?

Online coaching is a unique aspect of this course. You'll be paired with a diverse group of individuals globally, gaining personalized access to Dr. Saqib. Despite being held on Zoom, the sessions are crafted to ensure an immersive learning experience. Additionally, there will be opportunities to visit the live project during the year.

Is this course suitable for someone aiming to develop real estate without incurring debt?

Absolutely. Part of the curriculum focuses on acquiring and securing investor capital, negating the need for loans or interest payments.

I have a busy schedule. Will I have time for this course?

Previous enrollees have been a mix of entrepreneurs and full-time employees. The course is designed to be flexible, requiring only a few hours of commitment weekly.

Do I need prior experience in real estate to join?

Everyone has to start somewhere. This course isn't exclusively for seasoned professionals. It's structured to be accessible for individuals from all backgrounds and regions.

Can I apply the teachings of this course to real estate in my jurisdiction?

Yes. While the live project is based in Athens, the insights and teachings can be applied globally. By the end of the course, you should be capable of presenting a project to Dr. Saqib that he'd confidently invest in.

What differentiates this program from other real estate courses?

This program blends theoretical knowledge with practical applications, highlighted by the chance to work on a live redevelopment project worth over $4.5 million.

How is networking facilitated in the program?

The program offers numerous opportunities to forge lasting relationships with industry experts, stakeholders, and fellow students, all of which can prove invaluable for your professional journey.

What if I can't attend the course consistently due to other commitments?

All sessions are recorded, allowing you to catch up at your convenience.

Proven Real Estate Success

Learn how Dr. Saqib Qureshi and his students have turned theoretical knowledge into practical, profit-generating investments. These case studies exemplify the power of smart real estate decisions.

Under Development
245 Residential Units and Retail Space

Completed and Sold
366 Beds

Under Development
277 Beds and 8 Commercial Units

Under Development
680 Beds and 8 Commercial Units

Under Construction
565 Beds and 6 Commercial Units

Under Construction
350 Beds

About Dr. Saqib Qureshi

My Journey from Corporate to Real Estate Mastery

12 years ago, I was no longer giving my job everything. I was bored, unfulfilled, and felt my calling was elsewhere.

All my life, I had worked in large corporations, trading time for money, with very little freedom.

In 2011, I made a decisive move. I packed it all in, transitioning my life and my family from the sunlit horizons of Dubai to the cold embraces of Toronto.

At that point, I was faced with a blank canvas.

With a thirst for knowledge and discovery, I immersed myself in research, speaking to countless individuals. This quest led me to ponder:

  • What can I truly understand and excel at?
  • Which ventures promise longevity and success?
  • Which sectors are riddled with opportunities yet to be harnessed?

My journey culminated when I stumbled upon a student housing project. It wasn't just an opportunity; it felt like destiny.

Capitalizing on this perfect alignment of stars, I delved deep into market nuances and constructed a foolproof business blueprint.

The subsequent years witnessed my relentless pursuit and, with the unwavering support of many, I scaled the heights of real estate, developing assets worth over a hundred million dollars.

Today, the operations are so streamlined that they scarcely require my direct involvement.

And as I stand here, looking back, I've never had a single regret.

Beyond the business, I cherish the time spent with my family, the adventures traveled, and the investments made in promising start-ups.

The underlying urge has always been clear: To help countless others embrace freedom, break the shackles of a monotonous 9-5, and truly live.

Taking the leap into entrepreneurship might seem daunting, but in reality, it's a gateway to reclaiming control over one's time.

Time, which I now have in abundance, is the true wealth I wish for many more.

Secure Your Mastery in Real Estate Development

With Dr. Saqib's Real Deal Mentorship Program, you're not just learning—you're evolving. This unique mentorship offers more than knowledge; it's a gateway to mastery. Seats are limited. Make the move, join the elite, and revolutionize your path in real estate.