I like to challenge the existing wisdom. I like to write books.


Why do I write?

I feel passionately about unshackling people from redundant and stifling restrictions; I want people to live emancipated lives. I’m not the best orator, so I write about this stuff. And to be honest, there’s an element of ego in being a published author.

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Being Muslim Today

Reclaiming the Faith from Orthodoxy and Islamophobia

Being Muslim Today packages some of the most important research and thinking on Islam in the last 30 years in a style we can all enjoy reading. Backed by more than a thousand source notes, informed by decades of personal debate, study and reflection, and accompanied with a dash of the contrarian, this is a must read for those wanting to understand what recent scholarship has learned about Islam.

Suggested Read

The Broken Contract

Making Our Democracies Accountable, Representative, and Less Wasteful

We in the West assume that because we vote, we have democracy. The Broken Contract topped Amazon’s politics charts because it demonstrated the fallacy of this. There is scant ‘people power’ in our governments, which are largely unaccountable, unrepresentative and wasteful.

Suggested Read

Reconstructing Strategy

Dancing with the God of Objectivity

Countries, organisations and individuals rarely consider that their self-identity impacts their strategy. Reconstructing Strategy spotlights precisely this disconnect, demonstrated with real case studies. Awarded “IndieFab Book of the Year Finalist”.