Living Life

Accepting conventional wisdom so often denies us a real existence. We have one life. Don’t surrender it.

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The Core Philosophy

Break Glass Ceilings

Never put limits on what you can achieve or do. We can each live life a lot more if we stopped doubting ourselves at every moment.

Knowledge and Power

Power Creates Knowledge

The old maxim that knowledge is power is misleading. It is in fact power that determines what is and what is not knowledge. Don’t shy from challenging the consensus which power creates.

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Breaking Free

The Accepted Wisdom

So many of our political, economic, social and religious assumptions are accepted as truths. But in reality, and on scrutiny, they are just plain untrue. What’s more, they hold us back.

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Economic Emancipation

Freeing Your Mind

It’s hard to think clearly if you’re living hand to mouth or stuck in the rat race.

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Restaurant POS Software Developer

Private Fund for a Healthcare Tech App

Person Specific Learning Enrichment

Work Force Management Software

Independent Film Studio

Mortgage Broker Software Developer

Hospitality Industry Dedicated App

Online Messaging and Social Media App

Calendar Assistance App Developer

Payments Remittances App Developer

Blockchain Technology Investments

Water Testing Equipment

Specific Comic Concept Project

Payroll and HR software

Customer Experience Platform

Conversations with Creatives

Natural Sports Nutrition

Muslim Service Provider

Financial Products and Services

Messaging Display

A Reality Check

Systemic Bias

Global wealth increased three-fold in the last 20 years, but only a small elite has felt the benefits.

Decades of Experience

Having lived and worked in three continents and seen the world through the lenses of investment banking, academia, management consulting, government, film and TV, and now as an entrepreneur and author, I bring breadth to whatever I engage.

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