Dr. Saqib Iqbal Qureshi is a Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and has written for The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Spectator, The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Independent and 1828.

He is the author of the much acclaimed The Broken Contract, which was published in 2020. The book hit the Number One best seller in Amazon’s ‘Political Science’ and ‘Government’ categories in several countries. 

In February 2024, he released “Being Muslim Today” looking at the latest evidence and research about Islam to free the religion from several misguided assumptions from within Islamic orthodoxy and amongst the Islamophobic world.

Saqib also authored Reconstructing Strategy: Dancing with the God of Objectivity which was published in 2015 and was shortlisted as IndieFab Book of the Year

In 2016, Saqib was Associate Producer of the movie Rahm – a rendition of William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure albeit set in 21st century Lahore, Pakistan. In 2022 he was the Associate Producer of Americanish – a romantic comedy about the lives of three young Pakistani women in New York.

In 1996, he produced and presented a BBC TV documentary on Muslims in Britain. Al Dawaah was then the first television documentary on the Muslim community in any Western country.

Saqib is also the Founder and CEO of Building Capital Inc, one of Canada’s largest developers of student housing, and more recently also an angel investment firm with two dozen angel investments to date in multiple sectors and continents. 

Prior to this, he worked at HSBC Investment Bank, McKinsey & Co and the Dubai government. Saqib attended The Haberdashers’ Boys School just outside of London. He completed his undergraduate degree at International Relations in 1995 at the LSE, where in 2001 he also completed his PhD in International Relations and Epistemology in 2001.