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A 3-month mentorship programme in groups of up to 5 people especially designed to help participants start an income generating real estate portfolio.

"Without Saqib's advice and know-how, I would not have been able to build the real estate portfolio I ever had. He has made this a far easier and wealthy journey than I could ever have done on my own. He is a great mentor and advisor!"

Eiraj Sohail, Investor Management, Dallas

Unlock Financial Freedom and Master Real Estate: A Comprehensive Mentorship Program by Dr. Saqib

Take the leap to transform your life. Gain financial freedom, break free from the 9-5 routine, and make your first million. This intensive mentorship program guides you through Dr. Saqib's proven real estate methodologies. It’s not just another course; it's an investment in your future.

  • Access to Dr. Saqib's time-tested real estate methodology
  • Bi-weekly group coaching for three months with Dr. Saqib himself
  • Lifetime access to over six hours of invaluable course materials
  • Strategies to secure at least $3k per month in passive income

"There's no way that I'd have got my real estate portfolio off the ground without Saqib's help. He made what I thought was difficult, very easy. The vast majority of my wealth has come about from his real estate handholding."

Madeeha Zahidi, Registered Nurse, Los Angeles

Handsomely Rewarded by Dr. Saqib's Real Estate Expertise

"Put an awful lot of trust into Saqib's real estate expertise and his character. And I've been handsomely rewarded. I definitely recommended learning from him on investing in real estate."

Hasan Sohail, Head of Systems & Operations, Chicago

Sincere, Experienced, and Impactful Mentorship from Dr. Saqib

"When Saqib mentors, he is sincere and helpful. His mentoring is not a laundry list but reflects immense experience, expertise and honesty. He's added so much to my investing and entrepreneurship."

Jenna Nicholls, UX Designer, Toronto

Thriving Real Estate Portfolio Amidst COVID with Saqib's Expert Guidance

"I am grateful for Saqib's mentorship - he's navigated my real estate investing, massively reduced market risks and helped me generate a strong return. Even during COVID, my real estate portfolio was doing very very nicely."

Muhammad, BCG Alumnus, Toronto

Million-Dollar Portfolio Built on Dr. Saqib's Strategy

"Thanks to Saqib's guidance and advice, and following his strategy, got to more than a million dollars in my real estate portfolio."

Sana Buwalda, Homemaker, Oakville

From Novice to Significant Gains with Dr. Saqib's Expertise

"I knew very little about real estate investing. But with Saqib's expertise, we have benefitted significantly from this universe."

Mahveen Sadiq, Banker, Toronto

Are you poised for a life transformation? Looking to gain more financial autonomy?

Embark on a journey with Dr. Saqib Qureshi's mentorship cohort and discover the strategies that liberated him from a 9-5 job and led him to his first million.

In this course, you will gain comprehensive insights and skills. You will receive Dr. Saqib's time-tested real estate methodology, engage in monthly group coaching sessions for three months, and get lifetime access to over six hours of invaluable course materials. Moreover, you'll be equipped with the knowledge to generate a minimum of $3,000 per month in passive income. While the course caters to students worldwide, those residing in North America will find special benefits due to geographic proximity to Dr. Saqib.

Proven Real Estate Success

Learn how Dr. Saqib Qureshi and his students have turned theoretical knowledge into practical, profit-generating investments. These case studies exemplify the power of smart real estate decisions.

Under Development
245 Residential Units and Retail Space

Completed and Sold
366 Beds

Under Development
277 Beds and 8 Commercial Units

Under Development
680 Beds and 8 Commercial Units

Under Construction
565 Beds and 6 Commercial Units

Under Construction
350 Beds

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